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“In an extreme loss year, such as last year, America’s hurricane season cost insurers $30 billion, but this could rise to $150 billion by 2080.”
A Resources for the Future study. “Climate change might have a variety of effects. Examples include:
  • Reduced productivity of resources that humans use or extract from the natural environment, such as lower agricultural yields and timber harvests and scarcer water resources.
  • Damage to human-built environments, such as coastal flooding from sea-level rise, incursion of salt water into drinking water systems, and damages from increased storms and floods.
  • Risks to life and limb, such as more deaths from heat waves and increased incidence of tropical diseases as these diseases migrate to formerly more temperate climates.
  • Damage to “less managed resources”, such as wilderness areas, natural habitats for scarce species, or biodiversity. Sea-level rise, for example, would inundate coastal wetlands, whereas increased inland aridity could destroy prairie wetlands. …

… the odds that these events will come to pass are uncertain and not well understood.”

Unchecked economic growth imperils Amazon: study

Unbridled economic development fuelled by globalisation are devastating large swathes of the Amazonian basin, the United Nations warned in a major study released Wednesday.

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